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Funday is changing the way sports is carried out for very young kids in India. We teach sports to kids in FUNDAY METHOD which brings fun and excitment to your little one in a safe, creative and non-competitive environment. We want the kids to love sports and PLAY FOR LIFE.
We conduct multisport programmes where kids are exposed to fundamentals of 6 different sports viz: Gymnastics, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football & Tennis. Our progressive curriculum has been developed specially for kids from 2 to 8 years with consultation from experts in sports science and sports management.
Funday is all about sports- Fun, skills, games, simple rules, friendly competitiveness and excitement about coming for the next game. Playing sports at young age will help develop their gross and fine motor skills, confidence, concentration, teamwork and social skills. So whether you want your child to be the “next big thing”, develop healthy lifestyle, keep them away from smartphones and TV or just want them to make more friends, Funday is the place for you.

Benefits of Sports

Nowadays Children often spend too much time watching television or playing video games. Sports is a wonderful substitute to keep kids happy and engaged. Research finds that in addition to improved physical health, sport plays a primarily positive role in child’s development, including improved academic achievement, higher self-esteem, fewer behavioural problems, and better psychosocial health. Studies found that participation in sports helps youngsters develop a host of crucial skills which give them a leg up as they enter the work world and achieve success for decades afterward as they develop stronger leadership skills, self-confidence and self-respect and work better in teams.

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One sport or Multi Sport

Most experts believe it is crucial to participate in multiple sports till the age 10-12 that will help develop all areas of the athlete’s body. In fact, even children with an aptitude — and love — for a sport should not specialize in it until they are well into their teens. This will help prevent over-use injuries and reduce the risk of burnout. Also practice in each sport improves ability in every other activity.Getting experience in many different sport is a good way to develop love for sports, which provides the foundation for achievement in sport, and also for success in life.

Many of our athletes played multiple sports as kids. Here are few of the Pro athletes and their childhood sports

AB de Villiers (Cricket) : Hockey, Football, Rugby,Swimming, ,Golf, Badminton

Steve Nash (basketball): hockey, soccer, lacrosse, baseball

Michael Phelps (swimming): baseball, soccer, lacrosse, golf

Roger Federer (tennis): soccer, Squash

Major benefits to be gained by multi-sport participation

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