About Us

Funday is changing the way sports is carried out for very young kids in India. We teach sports to kids in FUNDAY METHOD which brings fun and excitement to your little one in a safe, creative and non-competitive environment. We want the kids to love sports and PLAY FOR LIFE. We conduct multisport programmes where kids are exposed to fundamentals of 6 different sports viz: Gymnastics, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football & Tennis. Our progressive curriculum has been developed specially for kids from 2 to 8 years with consultation from experts in sports science and sports management.

In today’s world of smart phones and TVs, Funday seeks to balance bodies & brains by encouraging kids to participate in range of sports activity. Playing multi-sports at young age will help develop a lifelong passion for physical activity and sports, increase, confidence, concentration, co-ordination, postural strength and prepare children for participation in school and the broader community.


To provide world class sports education platform to children under 8 years in a fun-filled, safe, inclusive, non-competitive and structured environment. We seek to promote sports at grassroots level such that kids develop lifelong passion for sport and physical activity. Through the emphasis of sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play our program serves as a building block for young athletes.


The main objectives of the program are:

> To cultivate enjoyment and fun.
> To provide kids with the opportunity to explore and enjoy a variety of different sports.
> To introduce and encourage age-appropriate gross motor skills, coordination and balance.
> To encourage them to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle
> To foster self-esteem and develop good interaction skills

Benefits of Funday

Following are the benefits of Funday

Energetic Trainers

Our ever-enthusiastic and energetic trainers ensure that there is constant active learning in the class. All our trainers are FEMALE sports players who are trained in safety and handling kids.

Yearly Assessments

Funday provides insights to parents at the end of the year which helps them choose the right sport for their child. Choosing the right sport ensures that the child is passionate about the sport and plays for life.

Progressive Curriculum

Funday has built a unique curriculum which is different for each age group and has been created in consultation with experts from various sports. Each of our sessions has objectives which build upon the previous session to ensure a high level of learning.

Life skills

Children learn important skills such as resilience, sharing, teamwork, sharing, and sportsmanship, along with enhancing their gross motor skills (running, jumping, throwing, catching), athletic skills (chasing, dodging, body movement, body manipulation) and gymnasium skills (flexibility, core stability, strength) which are crucial in all walks of life, and serve as building blocks for them.


Child safety is of the utmost importance to us. All the activities are hence carried out in safe locations allowing children to enjoy themselves fully without risk.

Child Friendly Equipments

Children at this age are very ego-centric and the sense of ownership is very important, so we give all the kids their own equipment to play with. We have equipment best suited to the needs of children, and imported from the best available manufacturers from around the world.


Funday sessions have been designed for maximum enjoyment. When children have fun, they work hard and take on new challenges which accelerates their development process.


Funday classes are active and participatory. We minimize instruction time, maximize playing time and avoid turn based games. Most of Funday’s activities involve all the children playing at the same time so every child has an opportunity to practice the skill, improve and play. Everyone participates which makes them eager to try more and is given an opportunity to be a star.

Our Sports Guru

Sagar Singh Thakur

Sagar singh thakur is the chief coach for maharashtra hockey team.

Gajanand Patil

Gajanand Patil is chief maharashtra athletics coach.

Matthew Fernandes

Matthew Fernandes has coached a number of students to play at national level and has been with the Maharastra team a number of times.

Pavanraj Patil

Pavanraj patil is won several medals in Gymnastic at national level.

Radhika Tulfule

Radhika Tulfule has represented India in Davis cup and Grand slam. She is one of the 4 International Tennis Federation level 3 accredited coach in India.

Aditya Kanitkar

Aditya Kanitakar is a renowned Golf player. He is a Director at First Tee, premiere Golf training Academy in Pune

Management Team

Anand Oswal

A passionate sportsperson, Anand represented his state in rowing at 19th National Games in 1999, followed by National Sprint Rowing Championships. Anand is an active participant in marathons and triathlons in Singapore. He plays soccer, squash, and badminton. He completed his Masters from the prestigious London Business School and has worked in the financial services industry for the last 15 years.

Gaurav Oswal

Gaurav is a national level hockey player who has represented his state in All India Inter-NIT Tournaments for four consecutive years. He has first-hand experience in coaching school kids in the sport. Gaurav graduated from NIT Surathkal and strongly believes that sports have to be an integral part of every student’s life. Gaurav is also a soccer follower and a Gunner for life!