Energetic Trainers
Our ever-enthusiastic and energetic trainers ensure that there is constant active learning in the class. They are trained in Funday methodology for teaching sports. They also undergo training in Child management, Child psychology, First Aid and grooming. All the coaches are Soft spoken, careful in child handling and love being with kids.

Term wise Assessments
Funday provides insights to parents at the term which helps them choose the right sport for their child. Choosing the right sport ensures that the child is passionate about the sport and plays for life.

Progressive Curriculum
Funday has built a unique curriculum which is different for each age group and has been created in consultation with experts from various sports. Our curriculum is developed in line with International standards and adapted to local standards. It is in-line with the American Sports education program and the Australia Sports Commission’s program.Each of our sessions has objectives which build upon the previous session to ensure a high level of learning.

Life skills
Children learn important skills such as resilience, sharing, teamwork, sharing, and sportsmanship, along with enhancing their gross motor skills (running, jumping, throwing, catching), athletic skills (chasing, dodging, body movement, body manipulation) and gymnasium skills (flexibility, core stability, strength) which are crucial in all walks of life, and serve as building blocks for them.

Child safety is of the utmost importance to us. All the activities are hence carried out in safe locations allowing children to enjoy themselves fully without risk.

Child Friendly Equipments
Children at this age are very ego-centric and the sense of ownership is very important, so we give all the kids their own equipment to play with. We have equipment best suited to the needs of children, and imported from the best available manufacturers from around the world.

Funday sessions have been designed for maximum enjoyment. When children have fun, they work hard and take on new challenges which accelerates their development process.