After School

Yes the first lesson is free to make sure your child enjoys the FunDay sessions. You also have an option to BUY a trial week pack to understand which sport your kid likes the most.

At Funday sports we teach 6 different sports: Artistic Gymnastics, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football and Floor Gymnastics

We try to take classes in the indoor property (if it is possible). We will reschedule the classes if the weather is not suitable and will always let you know via phone/SMS about the changes in the schedule.

Yes, if there is space in a group you can start at any time.

We accept cash, card, cheque, online transfer and Paytm

Yes, if you enrol for 3 months or higher you get the option to have makeup class within the week

Parents are more than welcome to help their child if they wish, and this can be particularly helpful initially if your child is shy. Parents are not expected to join in though.

Your child will need to wear the Funday Tshirt, shorts and closed footwear. Also remember to carry a water bottle.

Artistic gymnastics focuses mainly on strength, balance, and agility using balance beam, parallel bar etc. Floor Gymnastics routines are all performed on the floor while using various types of mats.  

At the end of your child’s free trial, your coach will give you a enrolment form. You can pay by card, cash or cheque.

In School

So we conduct classes once or twice a week for the whole academic year.

We actually started in 2015.That time we had a huge playground 10000 sq feet – well we were teaching sports right! But what we observed was that the child used to get scared by whole size of ground. Kids naturally like smaller n cosier spaces to play. Suppose If you have a bigger space and the child is playing football and the ball rolls away. The child will not go and get the ball whereas in a small space the ball comes back to him. He likes it better this way.

Kids at this age have a very high rate of growth. They can learn 4 languages if you teach them. Its about teaching them in a manner that they understand. More then 5000 PG kids and 10000 Nursery kids have undergone the program.

Yes. Parents get a report regarding which sport the child is more inclined towards

That is right child showed not be playing one sport rigourously until he is 10-12 years. At this age you can get them interested in a sport. That’s what we are doing.

You can call us at 9604070000 to know more

You can call us at 9604070000 to know more

We plan out the activities, take practice and carry out the sports day in a professional manner at school.