With everyone being caught up with de-monetization and plans for a casual weekend, Pune witnessed a unique event organized by FunDay Sports. A first-of-its-kind kids’ inter-school event was organized at the Maharashtra Police Ground, Shivajinagar by an association between FunDay Sports and twenty different kids’ pre-schools.
The Theme for the event was:
“Every Child is a Winner”

The idea of the event was to expose young toddlers to a full-sized sports event in a stadium environment. Over 1000 children from 20 partnered pre-schools had attended the event with their parents and siblings. The event began with a ceremonial Olympic flame run, which was a beautiful relay carried by the school children and their teachers, and was finally passed to the Chief Guest Mr. Nikhil Kanetkar. This was followed by the National Anthem and inspiring speeches for the parents and everyone present. The chief guest Mr Kanetkar, ex-Olympian and now coach, inspired children and their parents to Follow their dreams. He also emphasized on the importance of sports for children as well as adults. Mr Anand Oswal, FunDay Sports, explained how the innovative methods of sports coaching developed by Funday Sports are helping pre-schoolers across the city.

The programme further proceeded to the fantastic display of gymnastic skills by 3-6 year olds in a well-coordinated routine and the signature FunDay warmup dance where the entire stadium filled with parents, teachers and children shook a leg to the Chicken Dance melody.

To showcase how young children can learn fast if taught in a Fun way, FunDay had setup four sports corners for children and parents to participate in fun-filled agility and sports races.

kids playing at Fun-O-lympics
It was a particularly beautiful evening with hues of oranges, pinks and reds disbursed across the grounds, with a similar shade of orange over the head, with over 2000 parents and children playing basketball, gymnastics, soccer, athletics, parachutes, hula hoops and balloons. It was a fantastic display of sportsmanship, enthusiasm and sports and a strong message to all “Pre-schoolers can play sports like adults, if taught in a way they understand – The fun way, The FunDay Way

About FunDay Sports
FunDay Sports is a team with an innovative and fresh approach backed by international scientific theory in the overall development of kids between the ages of 2 and 6 by getting them acquainted with a variety of sports: viz basketball,athletics,football,gymnastics cricket and tennis.
It comprises of well-trained coaches of international standards and has developed a unique program that helps nurture kids to be future achievers in all walks of life, along with sports also teaching them camaraderie, sportsmanship and being a team player, which builds confidence.
And last but not the least, as the name suggests, it helps kids have a FunDay.

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