Like a school and pre-school is different in every form, to cater to the needs of the young angels, we have developed a unique and innovative in-school program in consultation with the Australian Sports Commission. The innovative “Funday Way” of coaching is designed not only to strengthen the child’s physical abilities, but also his ability to listen and to learn.


It includes: Gymnastics, Football, Basketball, Athletics, Tennis, Cricket.

The program is an in-curriculum program and is conducted over the period of one full year. Our progressive curriculum and individualized instruction begin with Playgroup and continue through senior KG to ensure that the child gains skills in an age appropriate way. Since one skill build upon another, from class to class and age group to age group, Funday sports literally grows with your students.


Class structure

Each weekly Funday class is well planned and tested over several years of R&D. The class is split in four parts:

  1. Warmup – Done in the form of dances to make it interesting
  2. Fun Games – Innovative games designed for Gross motor skill and agility development
  3. Skill Games – Sport specific training combined with a dose of innovative and fun techniques to enhance the interest of the child
  4. Cooldown- Includes parachutes, meditation and colourful stamps

Program Structure

The program adheres to the Early Childhood Association guidelines.
1) The program is spread over the period of the full academic year with 6 sports over the period.
2) Training in over 30 dominant movement patterns, gross motor skills and fine motor skills.
3) Physical activities are designed with brain development benefits especially exercises related to crossing the mid-line which is directly linked with development of bridges between the brain lobes
4) Equipment is colourful and age appropriate with time-tested safety standards



The coaches of Funday are carefully chosen to meet the needs of the preschool environment. The coaches are:
1) State or National Level female players
2) Good in their understanding of sports
3) Trained in sports coaching for pre-schoolers
4) Trained in Child management and Child psychology
5) Soft spoken and careful in child handling
6) Trained in grooming to match the etiquette of a preschool environment
7) Follows strict no-punishments and no-scolding policy Funday sports is spread in over 5 cities with all operations managed by the company ensuring the equality of the program.