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Funday provides multi-sports education platform to children under 6 years of age, in a fun-filled, safe, inclusive, non-competitive and structured environment. We seek to promote sports at grassroots level and develop a healthy lifestyle and lifelong passion for sport and physical activity among children in India.
We have a world class inschool program developed in consultation with scientists in Sports Science and Sports Management and adapted to local needs. The program is designed to strengthen not only the child’s physical abilities, but also ability to listen and to learn. It includes: Gymnastics, Football, Basketball, Athletics, Tennis and Cricket. Our progressive curriculum and individualized instruction begin with Playgroup and continue through K2 to ensure that the child gains skills in a age appropriate way. Since one skill build upon another, from class to class and age group to age group, Funday sports literally grows with your students.
Funday sports is spread in over 5 cities with all operations managed by the company ensuring the equality of the program.
FUNDAY is the BIGGEST sports program for kids below 6 years in INDIA

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Extensive research has proven time and again that kids should be introduced to a variety of sports, rather than making them play the same sport over and over again, as early sports specialization often leads to overuse, injuries and loss of interest. Participation in a broader range of activities opens up new opportunities for your child to consider for the future whilst encouraging them not to specialize too early.

At Funday, we have narrowed down on six different sports that stress on different parts of the body. We conduct evening program for kids from 3 to 8 years.

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“We are ready to start a new chapter of independence. We enjoy discovering what we can do, what other friends can do and exploring the wider world around us through movement. We have great fun exploring the many ways we can hit, kick, catch, and throw a ball. Everything we do helps us to become stronger and works towards our necessary physical milestones.”

This is the earliest age group with which we work by combining sports with song, dance and movement games. In addition to having fun with structured games, this batch learns initial sports skills, gain fine and gross motor proficiency, and strengthen manipulative skills. During this 1-hour program, the development of social skills is also emphasized as the youngsters become good listeners, follow directions, cooperate in a group, and learn more about themselves. This is where the foundations of good healthy body are laid.

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We’re beginning to show our teacher and friends how we can manipulate a ball with our feet, with a hockey stick, tennis racquet, or cricket bat.  We learn how to take turns and interact well with our friends and our instructor in the class.  We are starting to feel brave and want to show everyone how well we can play.”

These children are now ready to refine and master basic gross motor skills such as running, jumping, hopping, skipping, throwing, kicking and catching, etc. In this age group, we teach them specific skills and rules for each of the sports and they learn to play the game. Here they also learn values such as sportsmanship and team work.

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Muti Sports Summer camp

Funday organizes a Must DO multi sports summer camp where kids age 3 to 8 years old are introduced to 5 different sports (Gymnastics, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, and Football) in a fun & non-competitive environment. This summer let the kids come out, play hard and have fun. Remember the days of backyard sport and how much fun it was: no fluff, no strings- just pure exhilaration of playing and nailing skills and in the end wiping the sweat on mum & dad. With expert coaches and world class equipments kids have a Funday playing sports!!

* The summer camp Starts on 10th April and 1st May. Our camps are conducted in 90 minute session over three weeks.

* Different Batches for kids from 3 to 5 years and 5 to 8 years kids making it more fun for the kids.

* Summer camps would be held from 9 to 10.30 a.m at Funday Pashan Arena, Next to regant plaza, Baner Pashan Link road, Pune 45

* Hurry limited seats !

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India’s first Inter Pre-school sports event

 The theme of the event “Each child is a winner”
 Event Flag-off by International level sports celebrity
 Event exclusively for Funday partner schools
 Every child will participate in a non-competitive fun filled environment
 Every child will be given a medal

Event flow

4.00 pm – Celebrity Welcome & Flag off
4.15 pm – Olympic Flame run
4.30 pm – Kids warm-up dance
5.00 pm – Sports events start in the respective sections
6.00 pm – Medal ceremony
Other fun activities continue till late in the Funfair. All sports section open up for free play. Non Funday kids can participate in this.

Important points to remember

 All participating schools have been allotted to a section (colourwise). In one section one sports will happen.
 Child has to come in school uniform & Parents in sports attire. Parents would be participating along with the kid.
 Please carry caps, water bottles and light snacks
 Charges : Already paid in the annual Funday package
 RSVP at school by 16th November

Date: 19th November 2016, 4 – 6pm
Venue: Police Ground, Shivajinagar, Pune