What are the qualities required to be a successful sportmen?

I suppose, they are – liking towards the sport, hardwork,encouragement, availability of facilities. But from a Coach’s point of view, it is the student, coach and parents that play an even important role. This Trinity decides the success and failure of the player.
The first and most important member of the Trinity is the student. He should start playing and training at the right age (between 5-8 yrs). He should be introduced to different areas of the sport eg. Uniform, rules, different styles of playing etc. This helps ease his training experience and he learns what is expected of him before the start of training. He should be shown tournaments of different sports. This helps him realize the sport of his interest. A forced interest would result in a disaster. Initially, the student should be allowed to handle different sports equipments. He should be encouraged to watch matches of accomplished players. He should be shown movies or entertainment videos related to sports. He should be given information about great players, so that he is even more attracted and wants to excel in the sport. This will also help to improve his dedication.
The coach should be able to dedicate all his time for the student and should not expect immediate results. A coach show not show disappointment while training the student. Instead, a regular dose of encouragement, appreciation, a few good words can work like magic on a student’s performance. A coach should not just give orders. He should himself play and guide the student. This makes it easier for the student to imitate and absorb the different nuances of the play. A bond of ‘Guru-Shishya’ which also has an element of friendship is necessary for the student to enjoy the training qnd give the best results.
Parents along with the trainer and the student are another important member of the Trinity. Parents should trust the coach completely. Only then the Coach will put his heart out to mentor the student. Parents should understand that the coach knows the sport much better than them. They should not advice the coach. And most importantly, they should not expect immediate results. Making of a champion is a long and a continuous process. The minimum period required to make a good player is at least 3-5 years. And this is possible with regular practice and time to time encouragement from parents side. The factor of regularity is largely dependent on parent’s involvement. Appreciation from parents is like a tonic for both, the coach and the student. Parents should not burden their children with the weight of expectations. They should encourage sportsmanship and carefree play.
Thus, all the three members of the TRINITY are equally important for the development of a successful sportsman.

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