So often kids parents are faced with the question whether to concentrate on one sport or play multiple sports. Today it’s not unusual to see kids younger than 10 who are already putting all their effort into one sport.
Most experts believe it is crucial to participate in multiple sports till the age 10-12 that will help develop all areas of the athlete’s body. As in school, kids are introduced to many different subjects and at the later stage they can decide the one they want to specialize in. Many of our athletes played multiple sports as kids. Here are few of the Pro athletes and their childhood sports

AB de Villiers (Cricket) : Hockey, Football, Rugby,Swimming, ,Golf, Badminton
Steve Nash (basketball): hockey, soccer, lacrosse, baseball
Michael Phelps (swimming): baseball, soccer, lacrosse, golf
Roger Federer (tennis): soccer, Squash

As a parent, you can do your part by getting your child involved in a variety of sports and activities. And pay attention to how they are being coached, because a multisport approach has real benefits for kids.
Major benefits to be gained by multi-sport participation (READ MORE)
Building a solid foundation. By providing diverse opportunities for physical activity, kids get the chance to learn a ton of movement skills, which can be transferred to a variety of sports. Through playing different sports kids develop flexibility, core stability, strength, stamina, power and speed, as well as improve their all-round physical conditioning.
Preventing injury. When a child sticks with one sport from an early age, the possibility of injury increases as repetitive movements can strain their body and affect the development of muscles. Variety in their sport and play will help build their body and lessen the chance of pains and strains.
Help finding which sport he is passionate: The more sports a child is introduced to, the better chance he has of finding the one he is passionate about, taking ownership of it, and becoming a high-performer in it. The problem with early specialization is that many kids who have only played a single sport, at age 13 or so, say “I want to try something else.”

So if you’re looking to positively impact your child’s development, expand the amount of sports and physical activities that they try when they are young. Let them develop the fundamentals of movement first before focusing on becoming the next football or cricket star.
So here we are at Funday sports, where your little angels are exposed to different sports as they are exposed to different subjects in academics. Dancing and playing their way to a healthy life forever….!


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